Telecom Company Utilizing DevOps

Client Profile

A telecommunication company based in the UK providing mobile and telephone services. The company provides voice, video, and data communication services to its consumers in the UK and around the globe.

Key Requirements

The client required improvement in all their proprietary communication infrastructure. The client also emphasized that the company needed a high-level DevOps design and strategy.

Business Challenges

The major challenge the company faced was a lack of knowledge by the DevOps team to properly evaluate and recommend the right tools needed for their projects. The client team also had limited experience in DevOps builds and metrics that determine automation processes in DevOps.

There were no detailed frameworks defining the different DevOps activities and approaches along which strategic operations can move. This meant that their teams were left to achieve their automation goals without any structured approach.

Furthermore, there was a lack of communication between the development and security teams pertaining to application development and environment management. They had a pressing need for technical expertise and secure DevOps applications and deployment methodologies.

Cloud Design Lab Approach

Our team designed a working concept for the project and demonstrated that the DevOps design we’ve prepared will deliver measurable success. We justified the data we provided with proof of value so that the client can realise the immense benefit the company will gain when the project is implemented.

We also integrated the client’s software development and security teams to improve communication and collaboration between them, after which we handed over the DevOps design for them to implement and deploy. Our work enabled the client to manage workflows better and support the efficient integration and delivery of the DevOps model.

Cloud Design Lab focused on implementing secure builds and unifying the client's development environment so that new features can be quickly developed and deployed. We continuously monitored iterative development processes, and automated testing across all code changes before the production stage to ensure the project comes out as expected.

We also prioritized production bug fixes, and more importantly, Cloud Design Lab ensured that security protocols were embedded throughout the development stages to eliminate any form of vulnerability in the development process.

Benefits Acquired by the Client

The DevOps solution we provided enabled the client to automate operations, improve the efficiency of development cycles, develop secured systems, and mitigate any form of risk or threat to company digital assets. Collaborating with us also led to improved cohesion between all their teams to improve business agility and achieve goals.